As a senior software product specialist at Kulicke & Soffa Industries, I am responsible for the usability and serviceability of software (Java) products during their complete life cycles (from URS to EOL). Additionally, I am the departemental tech-pub CMS manager, leading customer support in our transition from a 'document oriented' way-of-working into a 'Content Management System' (CMS) paradigm using Author-it.

Before that, I was employed as a post-master Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher at TU/e, researching 'Family gaming behavior' within the international 'cloud game-streaming' consortium Games@Large.

Historically I was furthermore employed as a User experience (UX) engineer at TU/e, investigating real-life 'e-health' and 'domotica' usage to enable prototyping of heathcare systems from a 'user centered design' perspective within the multidisciplinary consortium vipLAB. A Webmaster/developer at Magnaview, extending their CMS-driven website (YOOMLA/PHP) to increase customer engagement. A ICT service engineer at TU/e and Dutch Polymers Institute (DPI), providing both helpdesk- and local ICT support.

Please see my full Curriculum Vitae or portfolio for more details.


MSc: 'Technology and Innovation sciences'

Major: 'Human Computer Interaction' | TU/e (Eindhoven) 2006.

Various HCI master research projects were successfully completed regarding perception and cognition (see: CV). The master's thesis - about non-stereoscopic 3D cue usage in virtual windows - was published in a scientific journal (see: publication list).

BSc: 'Mechanical engineering'

Major: 'Mechatronics' | Fontys UPE (Eindhoven) 2001.

Various bachelor robotics projects were successfully completed involving CAD and software development (see: CV).

As a student I had multiple side-jobs, ranging from: paper-rounds, restaurant-work, to D.Y.I. shop customer support.