About me

  • Cooperative (open / people person / team-player)
  • Connecting (disciplines & personalities)
  • Analytic / Critical
  • Precise / Structured / Reliable

First and foremost; I am an internet, ICT and GNU/Linux enthusiast! Growing up alongside (home) computing I fell in love the opportunities IT brings; ranging from social media and gaming, to productivity tooling (kanban/scrum-boards), to running my own web/e-mail/NAS servers. But also the technology itself - such as: *nix server automation, (distributed) networking, big-data analysis, etc. - fascinate me, while acknowledging the (privacy) risks involved in connecting information systems. As a Human Technology Interaction (HTI) engineer, I have an academical background in both social and technology sciences. My professional expertise lies in the triangulation of these fields with my strong ICT affinity which heavily reflects in my career where I mostly operate in software development contexts.

Furthermore; I think to have struck the right balance between a progressive attitude and conservative morals, reflecting in an innovative but, nevertheless, solid work ethos. Although I am not shy of sinking my teeth into tasks independently, I thrive in cooperative teams that leave room for nuances from various disciplines' perspectives. Even more so; I see strength in combining expertises / competences, sexes, cultures, etc.. I believe that mixing thoughts and perspectives - rather than rigidly taking one stand specifically - generates the most elegant solutions for many problems (both professionally and personally).

As a person; I hope to be experienced sociable, having an open, friendly, and flexible personality. Being an extrovert communicator I like to be surrounded by people. I love to discuss ideas until deep in the night. But beware, as I am notorious for taking the devils advocate's perspective whilst doing so. Simply drop me a statement - grab some popcorn - and watch me take the opposite stand (seriously, I can't help myself...)! Other than that, I am known to be organized, accurate and quality driven.