About Me

First and foremost; I am an internet, ICT and GNU/Linux enthusiast! Having grown-up alongside (home)computing in the eighteis I've keenly followed the opportunities ICT brought us ever since. I love to run my own virtualized web/email/NAS servers and am ever intrigued by professional IT in the broadest sense. Topics such as *nix server automation, (distributed) networking, data processing and management, etc. - fascinate me, while I - at the same time - acknowledge the (privacy) risks involved in the current trend to connect information systems on a large scale.

Professionally; I think to have struck the right balance between a progressive attitude and conservative morals, that reflect in an innovative, but nevertheless solid, work ethos. Although I am not shy of sinking my teeth into tasks independently, I thrive in Agile and cooperative teams that value honoust discussion, acknowledging various perspectives (from various stakeholders), to determine strategy.

Personally; I hope to be experienced sociable, having an open, friendly, and flexible personality. Being an extrovert communicator I like to be surrounded by people. But beware, as I am notorious for taking the devils advocate's perspective whilst being so. Other than that, I am known to be organized, accurate and quality driven.

Contact Details

ir. Willem Oosting (MSc)


Program & Team lead

Eindhoven University of Technology 2021 - Present

Research Data Management (RDM) IT-program management. Involving: Program and team accountability in realizing effective institutional RDM-IT strategy, deployment, and support. Internal (inter service) and external (national) coordination and collaboration for a F.A.I.R. and legislation-abiding RDM with a high acceptance rate.

Sr. IT consultant

Eindhoven University of Technology 2018 - 2021

Realization of departmental research-IT solutions. Involving: Deriving departmental research-IT strategy and tactical deployment thereof, as well as operational local problem-solving in answer to science related challenges of research groups.

Team setup and culture cultivation. Involving: Strategical managerial advice to shape research-IT concepts and set-up an effective, manageable, and scalable team in that light to take institute-wide research-IT responsibility.

Sr. Software & tech.pub. specialist

Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. 2010 - 2018

Agile business-to-business (B2B) support. Involving: Bridging an Agile software dev. team to internal and external stakeholders, explaining abstract matters simply verbally and written. Complex problem solving. Global relation and perception management. Serviceability- and usability requirement specification.

Change-management (paradigm shift in documentation). Involving: Leading the service dep. into the CMS paradigm for technical documentation. Acceptance-rate generation, document policy and layout definition, software procurement, and server administration.

PhD candidate: Human Computer Interaction

Eindhoven University of Technology 2007 - 2010 (unfinished by choice)

Scientific research on parental ICT-mediative behavior within families. Involving: Family-contextual inquiries, focus-groups, and lab studies. Result dissemination at international conferences (e.g. CSCW’08) and fellow institutes (e.g. Harvard and MIT). Guiding student projects.

UX Engineer

Eindhoven University of Technology 2006 - 2007

Multidisciplinary User centered design of digital healthcare and domotica systems.

Web developer

UiPath (MagnaView) 2006 - 2006 (¾Y)

Actualization and development of the company website (Joomla).


Eindhoven University of Technology

PhD: Human Computer Interaction 2007 - 2010 (unfinished by choice)

Subject: Parental ICT-mediative behavior within families.

Eindhoven University of Technology

MSc.: Innovation sciences 2001 - 2006

Major: Human Technology Interaction

Fontys UPE

BSc.: Mechanical Engineering 1996 - 2001

Major: Mechanical Engineering (mechatronics)


  • Managerial skills
  • IT skills
  • Communication / relational skills


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